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Care and Maintenance : Resources

Additional resources such as user guides and help with troubleshooting equipment are also available online from all the manufacturers. (Please click on each link to download more information)


General information at

Nucleus 7 speech processor and accessories:

Nucleus 6 speech processor and accessories

Nucleus 5 speech processor and accessories

Information on compatibility of phones with Nucleus Smart App and wireless streaming

Med El

General information at

Sonnet speech processor user guide

Sonnet 2 speech processor user guide

Advanced Bionics

General information at

Naida Q90 speech processor user guide


General information at

Neuro 2 processor information


General information on assistive listening devices for all cochlear implant equipment at

Roger systems and speech processors


General information on purchasing assistive listening devices and equipment for deaf and hard of hearing people at

Holiday Loaner Forms

The clinic is unable to provide spare processors for holiday cover, but they are available to loan from the implant companies themselves for a fee. These loaner forms are available to download from their websites and are sent directly to the company involved.